Baseball Pitching Tips

Title: 228 Baseball Pitching Tips For Young Players
Author: Steven Ellis, Chicago Cubs pitching pro
Ebook, 114 pages
Updated edition (2015)
Published in the USA by The Complete Pitcher

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Learn Fun And Essential
Baseball Pitching Tips
For Young Players


"If you enjoy all the baseball pitching tips in Steve's private email newsletter, you're going to love his new book for youth pitchers and coaches."

-Ted Davis, Little League parent

For years, former Chicago Cubs pitching pro Steven Ellis has been sharing some of his all-time favorite baseball tips with subscribers of his popular email newsletter.

But just recently one long-time subscriber gave him a great suggestion...

She said, "Why not go through all your back issues and pick out the very best pitching tips you think would be most beneficial for kids?"

That's exactly what he's done.

In his new book, 228 Baseball Pitching Tips For Young Players, Steven shares all the essential elements of safely and effectively pitching a baseball — plus dozens of clever tricks, tips and secrets of the pros that will instantly improve your players' skills.

After studying all 114 pages, you will learn the basics of how to pitch, including instruction on pitching mechanics, practice drills, strategy, pitches, mental toughness, confidence, accuracy, velocity, arm care and more!

Written for the beginner coach or parent who wants a fun, simple method for teaching pitching the right way

In all, the baseball instruction you receive in Baseball Pitching Tips adds up to a quick but surprisingly thorough course in pitching mastery. Discover baseball tips on the following topics:

  • Pitching mechanics
  • Problem recognition to keep your delivery solid
  • Building skills in practice
  • Reducing walks
  • Developing consistency
  • Little league pitching drills
  • Throwing strikes and pitching accuracy
  • Increasing pitching velocity
  • Warming up to pitch
  • Training and conditioning
  • Pitch selection
  • How to read batters
  • Game strategy
  • Baseball practice tips
  • Fielding and defense
  • Youth pitching games
  • Throwing different pitches
  • Mind mastery and mental toughness
  • How to overcome nervousness
  • Tips to focus better
  • Basic fundamentals and techniques
  • Fielding your position
  • Effective pitching drills
  • Out-thinking opponents
  • Pitching grips
  • What pitches to throw when and why
  • And much, much more!

Features the best baseball coaching tips to help you make
a significant difference in the pitchers you teach

All the fluff has been omitted. What you'll learn – written as concisely as practical for the Little League pitcher, youth baseball coach or parent – are 228 pitching tips that promise to be the most important and valuable you'll ever read about pitching success.

Don't miss out! If you're serious about helping your son or the players you coach make dramatic improvements on the mound, pick up this book today. It contains the best baseball coaching tips to help your pitchers start thinking and pitching like a pro. And if you are not completely satisfied, we'll refund your money 100%.

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"Most coaches and parents end up with a shelf (or several shelves) full of books on pitching and baseball. This is a good one to start your collection!"

-Sam Gould, Little League Coach

"Perfect for beginning pitchers like my son who's 9. Each pitching tip is brief and to the point. I can't imagine any essential element of pitching that isn't covered."

-Cindy McGowan, baseball mom

"I was asked to help coach the pitchers on my son's 10-year-old team and was looking for some pointers to get me started. I digested the basics of this book in about two hours, and I've been reading and using it as the season progresses. Very, very good for first-time coaches for kids leagues."

-Coach Dave Terry, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"Even though this book is geared for 7-13 year olds, I think the tips can be applied to high school pitchers as well. As a starting pitcher for my team, I found this book to be extremely useful and delivers what it promises."

-Zach Smith, high school pitcher

"For those of you who want to move into the next level in the field of pitching, this is a great read. It focuses on your mental state when you get on the mound. It makes you a thinking pitcher, not just someone who throws without a game plan. Worth the price."

-Leslie Ang


Here's a look at some of the youth baseball tips inside Baseball Pitching Tips:


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